About Dhopeshwar Engineering Private Ltd.,

Mr. Shirish Dhopeshwarkar, CEO DhopeshwarEstablished in 1963 by Technocrat (Late) S.G.Dhopeshwarkar as a Chemical Engineering company, Dhopeshwar Engineering has built it's reputation as an Engineering company specializing in development and supply of Integrated Processing Plants.

Be an Innovation led enginering organisation for special purpose Plants & machineries

Providing Customised engineering solutions through Process Innovation

We aim to continue as a trusted partner in providing customised engineering solutions to our customers

Initial Years:
Our founder, popularly known as 'SG' had a rich and varied experience in engineering before he established this company to manufacture and supply Chemical-processing plants. His commitment to quality, strong business ethics and engineering abilities helped our company build its reputation for excellent quality and workmanship and as a reliable supplier of Chemical Plants & Equipment.
In its initial years, from 1963 to 1973, our company catered to Chemical & Paint industries and supplied Stainless Steel Reactors, Condensers etc. By 1977, we had established ourselves as a Reliable & Quality conscious supplier. This success in development & supply of individual equipments helped us develop our range of integrated processing plants in the coming years.

2nd phase from 1977 till 2000:
In 1977, the company baton was passed on to the founder's son, Mr. Shirish Dhopeshwarkar (popularly known as Dhopeshwar), who consolidated the reputation of our company for high quality & strong business ethics thereby continuing his father's legacy. In the early 80's, the focus was laid on the development of new Processing Plants and this enabled our company to expand our range of plants from the Chemical sector to Agriculture Processing (Essential oil Distillation plants in early 90's) and Poultry Processing sector (in late 90's). The company's practical experience and Engineering expertise, skilled manpower, and committed workforce enabled it to supply integrated plants on a Turn-Key basis to 3 different sectors.

2000 – Present:
The range of our Processing plants & Equipment reflect our rich experience and industrial expertise. Our expertise in supplying fully Integrated plants, knowledge of projects, quality of supply & expertise have helped us win the trust and approval of our clients in India & overseas. As of January, 2013, we have successfully completed Exports to 14 countries extending from Papua New Guinea to El Salvador. This list will only grow in the future as orders and enquiries continue to come in from new and emerging markets.

Developing New Process Plants:
Developing new process plants has been a long standing tradition at Dhopeshwar Engineering and it continues even today. A total of 8 different Processing Plants & Technologies were developed in last 7 years under Mr. Shirish Dhopeshwarkar's leadership. He is presently the Chairman of the company and has already completed 35 years in this Industry.
The company which started as a proprietary unit in 1963 is now (a family owned) private limited company. The corporate entity was incorporated in 2003.

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