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Indiamart Trust SealDhopeshwar Engineering specializes in supplying fully Integrated Processing Plants on a Turnkey basis. Established in 1963, we presently supply Processing Plants for 3 different sectors namely, Poultry, Agri & Chemical Processing.

Our plants are fully Integrated, Custom-built and supplied on a Turnkey basis. These are Fabricated in our Hyderabad works, transported to client locations in India & overseas, and installed and commissioned on a TURNKEY basis.

Dhopeshwar Engineering supplies Process Equipments for a wide range of Industries such as Chemical & Drugs, Pharmaceutical, Explosives & Paint manufacturing Industries, Food & Beverages Industries, Wineries & Distilleries etc.

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News & Events

  • 08-June-2012

    Meat Tech 2012 - Conference on Meat Processing Technologies, Chennai

  • 27-January-2010

    International Poultry Expo, IPE-2010, Atlanta

  • 24-November-2010

    Poultry India Exhibition, PI-2010, Hyderabad

  • 24-April-2013

    Seminar on 'Development of Meat and Poultry in Andhra Pradesh'

  • 26-January-2011

    International Poultry Expo, IPE-2011, Atlanta

  • 25-March-2011

    Commissioning Of Essential Oil Distillation Plant

  • 19-September-2011

    Dispatch of Poultry Dressing Equipment

  • 22-September-2011

    Dispatch of Essential Oil Distilaltion Plant

  • 28-November-2012

    Poultry India , PI-2012, HITEX, Hyderabad

  • 15-May-2012

    AAIC 2012 Expo- Asian Aroma Ingredients Congress & Expo 2012

  • 09-May-2012

    Seminor on Value Addition to Spices and Markerting

  • 28-April-2012

    Dispatch of Vacuum Based Rendering Plant

  • 27-August-2011

    Commissioning Of Essential Oil Distillation Plant

  • 01-July-2011

    Commissioning Of Essential Oil Distillation Plant

  • 30-June-2011

    Commissioning Of Essential Oil Distillation Plant

  • 23-November-2011

    Poultry India, PI-2011, HITEX, Hyderabad

  • 03-September-2012

    Agritech Asia 2012, Gujarat

  • 05-March-2012

    Dispatch of Poultry Processing Plant

  • 08-DEC-11

    Dispatch of Essential Oil Distilaltion Plant

  • 21-March-2012

    Dispatch of Poultry Processing Equipment

  • 03-July-2013

    Agritech Asia 2013

  • 24-January-2012

    International Poultry Expo,IPE-2012,Atlanta

  • 27-November-2013

    Poultry India 2013

  • 03-December-2013

    MENOPE 2013

  • 04-April-2014

    Zambia Poultry Expo

  • 08-April-2014

    FIAAP / VICTAM / GRAPAS Asia 2014 : Largest Event on Animal Feed & Grain Process

  • 23-September-2016

    Meat-Biz India 2016 Conference

  • 10-September-2015

    Agri Asia 2015

  • 21-March-2016

    Seminar on 'Sustainable Poultry Development in India'

  • 03-September-2014

    Agritech Asia 2014

  • 13-November-2014

    One day workshop on 'Business & Marketing Potential for Nursery & Floriculture.'

  • 26-November-2014

    Poultry India 2014

  • 15-December-2014

    GIAFAEX 2014 - Sultanate of Oman's only Agriculture, Fisheries and Animal Wealth

  • 26-January-2015

    International Production and Processing Expo

  • 19-October-2016

    Asian Science Park Association 20th Annual Conference

  • 23-November-2016

    Poultry India 2016

  • 10-January-2017

    National Conference on 'Financing Poultry - Prospects and Constraints'

  • 10-April-2017

    AGRAME 2016 & 2017

  • 15-May-2017

    Agro Oman 2017

  • 16-May-2017

    World Halal & Food Assembly Oman

  • 24-May-2017

    Value Added Agriculture Expo

  • 22-November-2017

    Poultry India 2017

  • 10-July-2017

    Dry Layer Manure Plant Commissioned for Khanal Poultry

  • 23-April-2018

    Asian Aroma Ingredients Congress

  • 18-July-2018

    Technical Seminar by IPJA (Indian Poultry Journalists Association)

  • 03-August-2018

    EOAI - International Congress & Expo

  • 30-October-2018

    International Conference on Frankincense & Medicinal Plants

  • 27-November-2018

    Poultry India 2018

  • 28-November-2018

    Winner of Global Impact Award for Innovations in Poultry

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Mr.Shirish Dhopeshwar

Our Chairman


Dhopeshwar Engineering has been known for Quality engineering, Developement of Process plants and supply of Integrated Plants. We supply fully integrated plants on Turn-key basis for SME's. We have a reputation we are proud of and we intend to extend it to more countries in future.

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